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VIC Ceilings LLC

Is a full-service company with alternative ceilings and walls covering, dedicated in all that we do, coming as close to perfect as possible.

Our principals rest on three pillars:

Variety, Integrity, and Comfort

VIC Ceilings LLC is your premier destination for comprehensive ceiling and wall solutions, dedicated to perfection in every aspect of our services. Our principles revolve around Variety, Integrity, and Comfort.

Experience unmatched variety with ceilings and walls that span from basic white to vibrant prints, translucent to soundproof, classic flat to multilevel curved—suitable for residential to medical facilities. At VIC Ceilings & Walls, we unleash your imagination and turn it into reality.

Trust is at our core. With over two decades of expertise in ceilings and walls construction across Europe and the USA, we ensure quality and satisfaction that surpasses expectations.

Experience comfort like never before—no dust, no construction debris, and no chemical outdoors. Most projects are completed in two days or less, ensuring minimal disruption to your space.

For any inquiries, reach out to us, and our qualified staff will provide detailed information about our products and services. Elevate your space with VIC Ceilings LLC.