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VIC Ceilings, LLC is a full-service company with ceilings & walls covering, dedicated in all that we do, coming as close to perfect as possible.

When it comes down to work on the residential ceiling or customized commercial ceiling, the first thing that we envision is the  MESS.

It does not matter if you are installing a new ceiling, repairing the old one, just painting, or trying to get popcorn/texture ceilings off. It is not possible to install a ceiling without moving furniture, covering furniture that cannot be move, have dust everywhere, and finally at the expense of multiple days at a minimum. Did we say not possible? Sorry, we meant to say that this was not possible until this new product called the STRETCH SYSTEM was developed during late 1990’s in Europe. It slowly traveled to the east and west until the late 2000’s got to the USA.

 VIC Ceiling LLC recently MOVED from Virginia to Bay County, Florida and are excited to offer the Stretch System to this area. Now you can unleash your imagination and create the ceiling of your dreams because the stretch system is the most versatile system ever developed for ceiling covering. Take a look at our product page to get technical details, watch one of our videos to familiarise yourself with the system, or visit the gallery and give us an opportunity to offer unique design solutions.

One of the exceptional qualities of the stretch system is the PRINTING opportunity. We offer various prints of up to 15 feet wide, and with no real limitation in length, therefore, you can receive the absolute best decoration results.

While STRETCH SYSTEM is an excellent choice for residential and commercial application, we also provide installation, repair, and replacement of suspended/drop ceiling.









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