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Is a game-changer developed in Europe during the late ’90s and now it is in the USA!


The Stretch Ceilings and Walls System consists of TWO components:

1. Technical Fabric

Technically innovative covering manufactured from polyurethane-coated polyester mesh.

2. Peripheral fixing profile

  Attaches to your existing walls or ceilings.

Every covering has a


manufacturer warranty!

All of our
Technical Fabric is:
  VIC Ceilings offers
special Technical Fabric:
Maintenance free  Acoustic   
Washable and Paintable Translucent
Environmental friendlyAntibacterial
Chlorine-resistant   Stain Resistant 
Water repellentSweat Resistant 
 “Star” Covering

The quickest and simplest method to eliminate POPCORN and textured ceilings, including those containing asbestos.


The standout feature of our stretch system is the unique PRINTING capabilities


We offer printing capabilities up to 15 feet wide, with virtually unlimited length, accommodating any customer-provided image that meets size and resolution standards.

Traditional SUSPENDED/DROP ceiling installation, repair, and replacement.

Whether you want the Stretch System or expert care, elevate your ceilings with tailored solutions for every space.