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PONGS has developed a number of solutions to solve all problems concerning your ceilings. High technological standards and esthetics are the key note and almost present a product specification. The developments of PONGS are suitable for all types of walls and ceilings and are up to the latest technical standards. At the same time they offer incomparable visual appearances and results.

DESCOR Classic is a wall and stretch ceiling made of Polyester with a special PU-coating. It is installed on a profile system, which runs around the area to be covered. The composition and quality of the stretch ceiling allows an ideal handling. Large surfaces with more than 5 m width can be mounted by using a double fixing.The installation of deco-elements as well as technical components like lamps, spots, exhaust systems, air conditioner, etc are easy to carry out. It comes in numerous different colors


Stretch Material Specifications:

Material Composition 100% Trevira CS with polyurethane (PU) coating
Max Width 16.5 feet
Max Length 164 feet
Weight per yard² 0.5 lb
Thickness 1/64 inch
Fire Retarded Class A (ASTM E 84)
Acoustic optimization no
Water phobic Yes
Guarantee 10 years