Dingyisheng or simply DYS – is manufactured in China. Being in development stage, this line does not have a wide assortment, but nevertheless, has a hight quality and successfully passed USA certification.

Ding Yi Sheng Textile Co., Ltd, Founded in 1996, collaterals to Wujiang Zhonghui Zhizhao Co., Ltd, and located in Shishi where was very known as The Best WorldWide Clothing And Shoe Basin. As the textile buyer, here definitely could be the quite right place for any choice. Factory’s floor space is over 23,500 m2.
Factory mainly produces polyester, nylon, cotton-polyester, cotton-nylon or other interwoven fabrics. The main markets we are selling to are West Europe (including France, Italy, Spain etc.), Australia and New Zealand, Middle East, North America, and so on. The annual output reached 7.2 million meters, over $100 million.

At a current moment DYS offering folloving technical fabrics: