Drywall Ceiling Drop Ceiling Stretch Systems
Preparation for Installation YES YES Minimum
Preparation of Existing Ceiling YES NO NO
Finished Appearance Surface Uneven,Possible Seams Visibility Material Connection Points Flawless
Performance Possible Cracks andDents with Time Possible Cracks with Time No Cracks, Dents or Wear
Common Installations Mostly Residential Mostly Commercial Residential & Commercial
Installation Complications Construction Rubble,Dust, and Debris Construction Rubble andDebris Practically Zero
Life Time without Problems 2-4 years 5-8 years Over 10 years
Moisture Proof NO Retains moisture YES
Paintable YES NO YES (plus printing)
Structural Application Mostly for Flat Surface Mostly for Flat Surface or90 Degree Angle Flat, Multilevel, and Curve
Installation Time 1000 sq ft 5-7 days 2 days 1 day
Minimum Distance from Existing Ceiling NONE 3 inch 1 inch
Maintenance free 12-24 month 12-24 month 5 years